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Verti-Gro, Inc. publishes a quarterly newsletter for the commercial grower, small farm and serious gardener. Special issues are published for events such as conferences and workshops, technical bulletins, new products and services, and new methods and procedures. This newsletter is free to commercial Verti-Gro® customers who have purchased over $100.00 on the initial order and continue to buy on a yearly basis. The information sheet must be filled out completely or mailed to Verti-Gro, Inc.. Home gardeners may subscribe to the newsletter for $25.00 per year and receive valuable information on many subjects such as hydroponic gardening, organic gardening, commercial greenhouses, hobby greenhouses, natural pest and disease control products and procedures, etc. If you purchase a Verti-Gro® system of any size you will automatically receive the newsletter and all growing assembly instruction for free including a complete list of free catalogs and a guide to natural pest and disease control proudest and procedures. All educational, research & non-profit organizations involved in agriculture may receive the newsletter & technical bulletins free by filling out the form below.

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