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Verti-Gro® Company Profile

Verti-Gro® is a unique company that specializes in vertical growing and vertical gardening to utilize space and energy in an efficient manner. Verti-Gro® uses hydroponics or "soilless" gardening and this basically means gardening without soil. Hydroponics is not limited to growing in water. "Soilless" medias that support the plant include such products as perlite, coconut fiber, vermiculite, peat moss mixes and sometimes bark or lava rock.

WE ARE THE ORIGINAL Vertical Hydroponic Growing Company for Hydroponically grown Strawberries & Strawberry Plants

There are many versions of hydroponics including re-circulating, non-recirculating, nutrient film technique (NFT), Ebb and Flood, perlite bags, Rockwool slabs, upright bags systems, Aeroponics and of course the new rotating vertical towers by Verti-Gro® which are protected by two patents. The Verti-Gro® system features a 5-quart high density EPS (Styrofoam) pot that rotates and stacks for maximum production in a limited space.

These containers insulate the roots, which no other hydroponic system does and they can be used in stacks of 3-10 pots high for commercial hydroponics or by the hobbyist. They can be used outdoors or indoors as well as in greenhouses. Hydroponic greenhouses or hydro farms use many different systems for controlled environment growing or controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Verti-Gro® offers a unique vertical growing system for strawberries, lettuce, herbs (culinary and some medicinal), spinach, greens, edible blowers, cut flowers, foliage plant cuttings and retail plant sales.

The Verti-Gro® system is a simplified system for organic growing that uses no soil, sometimes referred to as hydro-organic or organic hydroponics. For the first time a growing system is offered to the public and commercial grower that will adapt to many crops and production methods at a lower cost than any other high density growing systems. and are also domains registered by Verti-Gro, Inc.

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Worldwide greenhouse industry experience: 30 years of hands on agri-business, controlled climate greenhouses, and plant production systems.

Specializing in vertical recirculating hydroponic & natural production systems for vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, and foliage plants.

Pioneer for patented Verti-Gro® vertical plant production technologies and ongoing research & development throughout the world.

Specialist in Controlled Environment Greenhouses, Small Family Farming, and Vertical Home Gardening Systems.

Internationally Recognized Consulting: USA, Africa, Canada, Caribbean, China, Mexico, Middle East, Central America, South America, Far Eastern Countries.

One of the World's leading experts on the nutrition of controlled climate greenhouse plants, and blending both organic and hydroponic plant nutrient formulations.

Our Mission:

Verti-Gro® is pioneering new ways for people in all parts of the world to grow healthy natural foods and plants in highly efficient Vertical Growing Systems. provides an internet presence that showcases and informs the world about Vertical Gardening, Vertical Greenhouse Production Systems and Outdoor Vertical Farming Systems.

Industry Associations:

  • American Society for Plasticulture
  • Florida Strawberry Growers Association
  • Florida Farm Bureau
  • Florida Organic Growers Association
  • International Society For Horticultural Science
  • North American Strawberry Growers Association
  • North Carolina Strawberry Growers Association