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Thursday, October 8th, 2015 - 11h12pm EDT (Florida)   


Verti-Gro®'s Proprietary Rota-Stack©, Drain & Collection System

Vertical growing means high density growing. In order to get uniform and maximum light, the plants need to be rotated at least once per week. Verti-Gro® now has a very simple and economical rotating stack system which uses PVC pipe and a HDPE plastic swivel plate.

The height of the riser is adjustable and the plastic swivel allows rotation of a stack of Verti-Gro® pots at the touch of a finger. Swivel plates are $1.00 each or $0.60 each when ordered with a Verti-Gro® system.

See the pictures below for details
Drain Bucket
Collection Bucket

Complete Assembly

Assembly in Place

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Why add the Rota-Stack© to your Vertical System?
  • Better production
  • Better quality
  • Better disease control

The Rota-Stack® System

For more product and higher quality in high density crops in a vertical plane the plants should receive maximum light. Verti-Gro®'s new rotating stack systems simplifies the rotation of the stacks. Each stack can be rotated with a finger tip touch so that all plants received equal light. Rotating vertical stacks are more practical than fixed stacks, or non-rotating stacks because the plants can be rotated towards the light rather than rotating the lights. Harvesting is easier and disease control is better. Artificial lighting, such as Sodium Vapor, Mercury or the new Sulfur gas lights, may now be used much more efficiently due to the high density of the crops.

rota-stack rota-stack