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Saturday, October 10th, 2015 - 3h42pm EDT (Florida)   


Welcome to the Verti-Gro Showroom

ShadehousesWe have different shadehouse styles and sizes to fit any situation and need, for both hobby and commercial uses, see our photo gallery of shadehouses.

CropsMany kinds of crops can be grown in our systems, see some examples of varieties here.

The Verti-Gro® Vertical Growing Systems can be used commercially in U-pick farms (customers harvest on their own).


Our Vertical Growing Systems make small farms more productive on a smaller area, high density can be obtained.

  Click for a full window slideshow of professional systems

We have Vertical Growing Systems for every possible applications, commercial or residential.

U-pick operations of any size can greatly benefit from a conversion to our Vertical Growing Systems, saving space in the process, making customers happier by not having to bend over to harvest.

See our Outdoor Kits here, they contain everything to get started for the hobbyist.
Outdoor Kits
They can also be used for small scale commercial operations.

Recirculating unitsFor the home users who need to grow their own vegetables and fruits, we have re-circulating units that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor or deck re-circulating units, contact Verti-Gro and request special pricing on these units.

Anyone can quickly assemble and set up these units.