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The Verti-Gro Product Line

Which Vertical Garden is right for you?

There are many factors to consider to pick the right Vertical Garden:

Choose a product below for a full page description, or visit our showroom for a more extensive description and picture gallery (we are still working on our showroom area, more to come later).

The choice of a Vertical Garden depends on the situation. In any case, growing in vertical towers will save space and allow for greater density in limited space.

See our SPECIALS page for limited time or introductory deals!!!

Recirculating basic Units

If you need a small system because of limited space, these Vertical Gardens are for you.

These units can be placed just about anywhere, in a patio (covered or not), a balcony, in the house (with enough sunlight coming in), or simply outdoors (in a greenhouse or not).

Any of the Vertical Gardens listed below can be used as a starter system, more can be added later, or larger and more expandable units can be used instead (see the non-recirculating kits on the right).

Non-Recirculating Kits

These outdoor units can also be placed in a greenhouse, however they require their support shafts to be inserted in the ground, so they aren't made for indoors use, although it is always possible to have holes in a concrete floor to insert the support shafts, there would be water falling on the floor.

Our smallest kit is the 12 stackable pots system, with either manual or automatic watering which can be extended later if needed with the VGK-X which adds more towers.

The extension kit VGK-12X adds 12 more stackable pots to achieve many combinations of systems in increments of 12 pots, for up to over 80 pots, which should be considered the maximum, because of irrigation pump limitations.

For larger system needs over 80 pots, see our commercial systems.

We have retired several of our products to simplify our product line as well as improving the efficiency of the packaging and reduce shipping costs. The retired products are the VGK-2, VGK-3, VGK-30, VGK-10M, VGK-10A, VGK-12A, VGK-16M, VGK-15M, VGK-20M, and VGK-15A. The VGK-16A has been replaced by the VGK-16AGP and the VGK-20A by the VGK-20AGP.

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